10 Gorgeous Roses Named After Stunning Celebrities

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Did you know that the perks of fame include having a rose named after you? From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, here are 10 striking celebrities that have gorgeous roses named after them.

Julie Andrews

Julie AndrewsAndrews, who by co-incidence played the role of a flower seller, Eliza Doolittle in the original stage production of “My Fair Lady”, has a rose named after her. The salmon pink rose, that’s named the ‘Julie Andrew’s rose’ fits her effervescent personality, aptly.

Barbara Streisand

barbaraA rose lover herself, Barbra was very picky about having a flower named after her. The hybrid tea rose that’s named after Streisand has large blooms, a striking color and a strong scent!

Freddie Mercury

Mercury In Shepherds BushA pink, yellow, and apricot rose was named after this legendary singer. Just like the man, this rose is full of pizzazz and style!

Ingrid Bergman
ingrid bergman
This late Swedish actress had a rose christened with her name as an honor. The Rosa ‘Ingrid Bergman’ is a hybrid tea rose, that’s velvety, dark red in color and has a fairly strong scent.

Duchess Catherine and Duke William Of Cambridge

william and kateThis royal couple has two beautiful roses named after them. The Catherine rose is of a peachy pink shade and is sweet-scented while the William rose is a vibrant red.

Paul McCartney
paul mccartney
The McCartney Rose was named in honor of Paul McCartney’s 50th birthday. This hybrid tea rose has large, deep pink flowers and an unmatched fragrance.

Audrey Hepburn
audrey hepburn
This iconic actresses of all-time, has an apple blossom pink hybrid tea rose named in her honor. It’ll look perfect on your brunch table.

Marilyn Monroe
Voluptuous, large and perfectly formed these blossoms are a creamy apricot shade and display a dash of green as they begin to open.

Elizabeth Taylor

elizabethJust like the former Hollywood starlet, this long-stemmed beauty, is a show-stopper in itself. The hybrid tea rose is of a hot pink color, and has shapely buds with smoky edges.

The price that celebrities pay for fame is nothing compared to the highs. Imagine having a rose named after you! If you’re an admirer of any of these stars, having a rose plant named after them in your garden, would make the perfect tribute.


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