Ultimate Guide: 8 Awesome Tips for Spring Home-Décor

Spring means that you no longer have to cover yourself with layers of clothing to save yourself from the winter chills. People undo their wardrobe for Spring, why not revamp the look of your entire home for Spring? Make way for the sun! Below are listed some amazing tips on how you can make your house Spring-ready!

Freshly cut flowers look beautiful, but their beauty soon fades away.

dining table yellow
Build a little garden within your home. Place flowering pots on your window sills so that they stay in tune with the spring season.

A Colorful Entry
Color your front door in a way that it reflects spring time!


A colorful door will make your house look more welcoming.

Paint your Reflecting Corner Of The House
Everybody has this space in the house that they call their ‘reflecting’ space.

quiet corner

Paint this corner with a warm color, that’ll make it all the more welcoming. If you want to experiment, try a pattern or a drawing.

Wall Paper In Your Study
Add a bright wall paper to your study.

Wouldn’t it be charming to read your favorite book, sipping your favorite drink in a brightly colored room?

Open your Windows
Make way for the sun.

open window
Let the light of Spring enter your home. You don’t have to worry about the winter breeze anymore.

Dealing with old furniture
Shift your old furniture to the cellar or sell it off and make some room in your house.

minimal furn
Let each of your rooms breathe. Do not unnecessarily clutter them with furniture you don’t need. If you’re too attached to your furniture, simply rearrange it within the house. Seeing your old things in a new light will definitely be refreshing.

Revamp your fireplace
Decorate your fireplace with plants, candles and birch logs.

fireplace cover

If you want to completely do away with it, cover it up with pleasant looking folding screen.

Yellow takes care of everything mellow
Yellow is the official color of Spring. Decorate your home with the color yellow.


Don’t overdo it, add just use the right amount in every room. You could start off with painting a wall yellow or placing yellow Tulips on your dining table.

Let us know how this works for your home. Looking forward to a brighter and warmer Spring!


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