10 Useful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away and instead of brainstorming at the last minute, we’ve made a list of useful Mother’s Day gifts that’ll surely make your mum feel special.

For The Gardener
Mother’s love flowers! But what they love more is something green and living.

Strawberry plant
If she loves to maintain a garden, gift her a Strawberry sapling. Strawberries taste great, last long and can thrive despite low maintenance.

For The Bookworm
Does your mother enjoy her time in the sun, not watching TV but reading? Make some memorable bookmarks for her, one for each month in a year and she’ll surely love them!

reading a book

Innovate with the pattern on each bookmark, highlight an occasion that’s celebrated month-wise or simply make a bookmark that contains mini collages of pictures of your mother and you.

Baker Mum
So, your mother loves to bake!


Buy her the best baking tools from the market that’ll make her tasks easier. She won’t just be all happy and joyful about the gift, she might call you over for dinner!

For the Mum Who Loves Jewelry
Gift her a necklace with frames that have pictures of her babies.


If she’s an emotional wreck, she’ll adore this gift!

Simply Because Every Mum Deserves To Be Praised
Gift her a key holder that contains special cardboard notes that tell her everyday how special she is.


Make 30 such notes, one for each day of the month.

For The Mum Who Enjoys Cooking
Gift her a little pot of her favorite herb.


This way she’ll have her favorite herb in her garden and will remember you fondly every time she picks it.

Pamper Her


Gift your mum a spa hamper and let her bask in the glory of being pampered for an entire day!

Shopping Hamper


Gift her a shopping hamper of a reasonable value so that she can buy herself that dress or anything else she didn’t buy cause she didn’t have enough funds.

Give Her Your Credit Card For A Day
She tried her best to give you the best, so why hesitate to give her the best when you can? Gift her your credit card for a day.

credit card

And be assured that she won’t spend even half as much as you expected, as she’s after all your mother. And don’t be surprised to find out that she’s bought a gift for you as well. 🙂

For the Queen of your Heart
She has been the queen of your for years together now, why not gift her a handmade crown to prove it.


It isn’t a useful gift in the literal sense, but it’s a gift that’ll make her smile from ear to ear. Useful enough!

These are gifts that will surely work and will leave your mum with a lasting and fond memory of her special day. Got better ideas? Feel free to post your ideas in the comment box.


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