10 Ways in Which Flowers Make Your Wedding a Memorable Affair

Marriage is a one-time fare (at least it used to be), so most people go out and out to make it a special experience for themselves and for the people who are going to be part of it. Marriage gives you the opportunity to cover everything with beautiful flowers without anyone complaining about it. With some creativity flowers can be used in endless and impressive ways for weddings. We have listed down _ 10 ways in which you can use flowers for your wedding.

The Aisle
aileThis walk would probably be one of the most historic aisle walks of your life (unless of course, you’re on your way to accept an Oscar). So why not turn your aisle into a bed of flowers. Decorate your aisle with whole flowers or flower petals and have the walk of your life!

The Chuppah
chuppahAlthough the Chuppah is primarily a part of the Jewsish tradition, today they’re a work of art and key element in wedding décor. There are several ways in which you can decorate your Chuppah. You can alternate between attaching a garland to the edge of the canopy to attaching bouquets to the poles. You can also drape swags of garland between the poles. Wrapping garlands around the poles will also make the Chuppah look welcoming. The key is not to decorate it all, as you don’t want the focus to shift from the soon-to-be-married couple.

The Bride’s Hair
bride hair2There’s something so elegantly romantic about a bride with flowers in her hair! There are floral accessories and styles to that can suit all kinds of brides and wedding styles. Depending on her gown, a bride can alternate between having a rustic to modern, glam to a vintage look.

The Bride’s Veil

bride veilYou may say we’re slightly biased towards having adorned a woman with flowers on her wedding day than a man. But we have to accept the fact that women look doubly beautiful when adorned with flowers. Every girl wishes to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. A veil that’s adorned with flowers will definitely make her look and feel like one!

The Bride’s Bouquet

8b51234e3678534240122c7b1e8d93f0While many brides prefer to use artificial flowers in their bouquet as it lasts long and also works as a memoir of their wedding day, we would still suggest brides to use fresh flowers in their bouquet. Fresh flowers have a charm of their own, a charm that’s unmatched with artificial flowers. They also smell nice, feel fresh and soft. One can use an exclusive bouquet of white roses or alternate between using pink roses and or even peonies.


BBouttonnieres are a classic staple at any wedding. They’re beautiful, tasteful and a keepsake in memory of the big day (in case they are made of artificial flowers). While again, bouttonnieres are made of imitation flowers, real flowers can be used for this event as well. In case you want to store it as a memoir of the wedding, you can always store it for years together as a dried flower. One can use bouttonnieres made of roses, lilies or even daffodils.

The Wedding Cake

wedding cakeOne can’t deny that real flowers bring elegance to wedding cakes. Flowers are used to decorate cakes in several weddings, simply because they offer a romantic look to the occasion. The color of the flowers on the cake and that of the decoration can be co-ordinated to bring an enhanced look to the entire affair. Commonly used flowers are roses and peonies. But one can also use lilies, orchids and hydrangeas.

The Tables
wedding table
The wedding table is the place is where people spend most of their time, apart from the dance floor. So make sure your wedding table stands out with a beautiful flower centerpiece. A simple floral arrangement can add so much to a table. You can choose flowers depending on the color theme of your wedding.

The Photo Backdrop

flower_wallpaperA place that gets the most number of clicks at the wedding is the photo backdrop. Make sure your photo backdrop stands out! You can have at least 2-3 photo backdrops decorated with flowers. You can alternate between having a backdrop that’s loaded with roses, or a simple backdrop that has drape swags of garlands of the flowers of your choice connecting the ends of the backdrop.

A Flower Chandelier

afterIf your wedding celebrations are in the outdoors and during the day, you can go with a flower chandelier instead of a glass chandelier. These chandeliers look gorgeous and suit a romantic occasion like marriages perfectly! In case you’re celebrating indoors and at night, you can deck the glass chandelier with flowers.

We hope our suggestions help in making your wedding day, a memorable and impressive affair. If you have better suggestions on how to give a floral touch to weddings, then please add them in the comment box below.


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