Give a Twist to Tradition this Easter

Traditions are often followed blindly. Year after year, we celebrate Christmas with our near and dear ones; shop, buy gifts, gorge on Turkey and other Christmassy preparations, deck up the house and we buy gifts for Easter and flowers for Easter as well, the only addition is Easter eggs and Easter sweets, Easter chocolate gifts and hampers. However all these traditions have no value, if we follow them mechanically. There is a certain beauty in understanding traditions and practicing them in an unconventional way, provided the spirit of each tradition is maintained. There are plenty ways in which we can create an entire list of unique Easter gifts ideas.

Although Easter is a festival that Christian’s celebrate, several Easter traditions are not even mentioned in the Bible. The Easter bunny, the popular face of the festival, was apparently brought to America by German immigrants, who shared fables of an egg-laying rabbit. The custom of decorating eggs is had commenced in the 13th century, while the Easter parade is said to be a pagan ritual that has older roots. Consumption of Easter candy has got nothing to do with traditional Easter celebrations and is more a modern addition.

The Tradition of the Easter Bunny
The Easter bunny is a hare that delivers colored eggs to well-behaved children. Rings a bell? I’m sure it reminds you Santa Claus distributing gifts to all the kids who’ve been nice. The exact origins of the Easter bunny are unknown, but rabbits are said to be symbols of fertility and new life.

Easter SWEETS2
The custom was brought to America by German immigrants, whose kids used to prepare a nest for the bunny on the eve of Easter and keep carrots for him, in case he’s got all hungry because of all the hopping. Today the Easter eggs have been replaced with candies and chocolates.

Easter sweetsA twist to the tradition:
The reward in return of a good deed, encourages kids to do well and be nice. A benevolent twist can be added to this tradition. Kids should be encouraged to share their earned goodies with a bunch of kids, who aren’t fortunate enough to have received Easter goodies. It will help in keeping up the spirit of Easter and will also keep the kids grounded, even after they’ve earned their goodies.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggsTraditionally an egg is said to be an ancient symbol of new life and is also associated with Spring. As per Christian thought, the egg symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Eggs were traditionally decorated and preserved during the season of lent, as they were a forbidden food. These eggs were consumed on Easter. The White House Easter Egg Roll, is a race where children push decorated hard-boiled eggs across the White House lawn.

A twist to tradition:

The traditional Egg Roll can be given a benevolent twist as well. While on the outside this activity, might bring back tons of nostalgia and give joy to kids, it also part takes in wastage of food. Fake eggs can be used in this tradition, and eggs can be distributed to the dozens of hungry children across the globe. Having these Easter gifts delivered to them ensures the continuation of the tradition and also prevents food wastage.

These are just two ways in which we can make Easter a more fulfilling celebration. There are plenty of other ways to celebrate the festival. You can send Easter gifts online, if you are thinking of surprising someone, you can have an Easter flower delivery in the form of Easter flower baskets. These Easter basket gifts will not only make unique Easter gifts but will be fundamentally Christian Easter gifts. This year, celebrate an Easter that indulges in giving than taking.


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