6 Father’s Day Gifts That Cost Nothing Or Very Less

Dads are awesome! They work hard, so you can have a better life. They tell you that they’re okay (even when they’re not), to lessen your worries. They love you unconditionally and only wish that you have a good life and stay happy. Tough dads act tough, because they want you to make it big. Not for their benefit, but for yours. How often do you take time out to make him feel special? If you haven’t done that in a long time, you should probably do it this Father’s Day.


We’ve listed below simple things that you can do for dad to make his special day, doubly special.
A day before Father’s Day, ask your mum to take dad out for a day while you play secret Santa at home.

Clean The House
Your dad is old and his vision isn’t as good as it used to be. Also cleaning isn’t the most fun activity to do.

The chances of the house being a mess and terribly dusty are very high. Clean the house for him. Be sure you keep things exactly where they are, you don’t want dad to go on a search once he’s back.

Fix Things
In one of the many conversations you’ve had with him, he must’ve told you that something needs fixing.

tool kit
Maybe the plumbing isn’t right, the fridge isn’t working right, the washing machine leaks, the doors are creaky, or maybe the rails on his deck are loose. Whatever it is, get all of it fixed.

Paint His Walls

painted wall
Who doesn’t love a bright wall? You know his favourite part of the house, have it painted with his favourite color. He’ll love it.

lawn mower
You can ride his lawn mower for a day. Dad would love it, if it’s off his to-do list.

Surprise Him

Surprise him with his favorite meal for dinner. He’ll love it. Decorate the table with flowers and candles. It’ll be the perfect surprise.

Promise Him
Promise him that you’ll come to visit him as often as you can, to grant him a mini-vacation for a day. Keep the promise.

The only thing dad really expects of you is to spend some time with him. You can certainly do this much for a man who gave his all to keep you happy. Don’t forget to make it a special Father’s Day for him this year. In case you really can’t make it, the least you can do is send flowers, so that he knows that you remember him. Whether your dad is in the Philippines or in the United States, online flower delivery services will have your flowers delivered.


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