10 Mouth-Watering Cake Ideas from Flora2000 for Happy Birthdays

Bored of the same old Birthday cakes? Looking forward to try something new?
Caution: What you’re about to see now might make you go on a cake eating spree.

It’s time to stop counting your calories and sink your teeth into some delicious cakes. Presentation is everything, so we’ve made sure that your cakes don’t just taste good, they look mind-blowingly good too.

Make sure you read the whole article, we’ve saved the best for the last.

1. Do you have cookie cutters handy at home?

cookie cutter

If yes, then you can use them to make a design out of sprinkles. Crunchy and yum!

2.Instead of regular frosting, caramelize the butter to make it taste different.


3. . Keep guilty pleasures at bay! Add fresh fruits to your cake.

fresh fruitThat way you get to get to eat healthy too.

4. An easier method of frosting is to microwave ready-to-use frost and gently pour it over the cake for super easy and sleek frosting.

chocolat frost

5.Celebrating birthdays in the summer?

flowers on cakeTop up your frosting with flowers, or maybe rose petals. You can eat them too.

6. And for those who love Banana Splits… give them a birthday cake they never expected.

banana splitA cake with a banana split as a topping! 

7. Try this for something new.

no frosting on topLeave the sides of your cake unfrosted. a. It’s less work. b. It looks classy!

8.Look at that delicious frost!

frost cakeIf you want to make frosting an easy task, begin with lot of it on the top and carefully smoothen it out from the center to cover it’s sides. Too lazy to bake? Buy it here.

9.When you’ve run out of ideas.

sprinkle on cakeDon’t stress, just sprinkle your way to a yummilicious cake.

10.Your baby is going to turn 3 years old and you want to do something different yet easy in the name of baking?

bundt cakesThis hack is easy as easy gets. Put two Bundt cakes together and viola! you have a cake shaped as 3. Deck them up with M & M’s.

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