9 Reasons Why An Ordinary Day In Switzerland, Is Anything But Ordinary

The timeless beauty of the Swiss Alps has never failed to astonish people from all over the world. But the Alps alone don’t make this place so beautiful. The gorgeous flowers on the Swiss Alps plays an equally important role in making this place a tourist hub. Flowers on the snow frosted Alps, are like the colorful sprinkles on a cake with frosting. Switzerland is also known as every photographers dream destination for obvious reasons.

We’ve made a short collection of how this place looks on an ordinary day. And we have to admit, it looks anything but ordinary.

Tulips in Interlaken Switzerland

Tulips in Interlaken, Switzerland.Tulips can never fail to look gorgeous. Place them in Interlaken and they look surreal and only add more beauty to the place.

Just another sunrise at Interlaken, Switzerland.

Just another sunrise at Interlaken, Switzerland.
Beautiful is an understatement. The Swiss Alps being gorgeous and this is only the tip of the beauty.

swiss alps
Grindelwand, Switzerland

Grindelwand, SwitzerlandOne of the many beautiful things, on an average day in this quiet village in Switzerland.

Yellow flowers making Obermonten, St. Antoni, more beautiful.

Yellow flowers adding making Obermonten
Montreux, Switzerland

Montreux, Switzerland  Flowers blooming on the waterfront of Lake Geneva, with a vague peek of the Alps in the background.Flowers blooming on the waterfront of Lake Geneva, with a peek of the Alps in the background.

Switzerland is home to Tropical flower too.

Tropical flower walk around lake Geneva Switzerland17 Days in Switzerland and Italy (3) - Montreux, Switzerland

Switzerland In The Summers

Beautiful Switzerland - slope, peaks, colorful, sky, cliffs, Switzerland, Swiss, clouds, lvoely, mist, nice, grass, beautiful, rocks, flowers, pretty, mountain, park, nature, tree, wildflowers, summer
Too much beauty in this picture: snow peaks, cliffs, clouds, mist, rocks and not to forget the wildflowers.

Kapellbrücke, Lucerne

Lucerne, SwitzerlandThe Chapel bridge of Lucerne is a historic Swiss landmark and serves as a good reason to visit Lucerne. Originally called the Kapellbrücke, this place is located just in front of the main station in Lucerne. It is the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland, dating back to the 14th century, that is adorned by gorgeous colourful flowers.It runs diagonally across the Reuss river

What we’ve covered is only the tip of Switzerland’s floral beauty. This land is blessed with an abundance of beauty that can be best known only by exploring. Switzerland has the world’s freshest flowers and if you wish to send flowers to your loved ones in Switzerland, all you have to do is click here and book the flowers of your choice. If you think you have more to add to our post, feel free to express yourself in the comment box below.


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