5 Contemporary Christmas Wreath Ideas

Did you know that the Christmas custom of hanging a wreath on the front door has been taken from Rome’s New Year celebrations? Romans wished each other “good health” by exchanging branches of evergreens. Contemporary wreath designs often don’t even involve evergreens anymore. We’ve explored a few wreath designs that are made from anything but evergreens. These wreaths are fun to make and will make your front door look great for the Holiday celebrations.

Snowman Wreath


This Snowman shaped wreath as the name suggests, doubles up as a wreath and a Snowman. For the hat, you can cut out a black card-board in the shape of a hat. The three circles can be made of scraps of white cloth woven in circles around a wire twisted and turned in the shape of a circle. You can use a spare red scarf to keep your Snowman wreath warm.

Santa Wreath

This wreath combines Santa and the spirit of Christmas in an innovative way. Weave scraps of bright red cloth around a wire twisted in the shape of a circle. Attach a belt made of cardboard in the center of the wreath. You can give “Ho Ho Ho” a skip, as the wreath is self-explanatory.

Rudolph Wreath


The reindeer Wreath is yet another subtle yet elegant way of adding the magic of Christmas to your front door. Get a burlap wreath and place large a red berry in place of Rudolph’s nose. You can carve the antlers out of red card paper.

Wolly Candy Cane Wreath


Wrap wool threads of red and white in parts around a circular tube. Embellish it with an artificial snowflake and sprigs of red and white berries.

Woody Wreath


Make a circular crown of dried branches. You can embellish it with the ornament of your choice. We’ve added a snowman.

We hope you liked our wreath ideas. If you have any ideas to share please add them in the comment box below.

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