5 Things NOT To Do On Father’s Day


So you did not miss surprising mom and making her feel special on Mother’s Day, did you? So what about dad? He is the one who always remained strong and taught you to be strong as well, the one who held your hand while he walked you to school each day and the one who never got anything for him only to get new clothes and toys for you every year. It’s time to recall the best memories you have with him and thank him too.

Father’s Day on 19th June is more than just a reminder that you love your dad. It’s your chance to plan a lovely surprise for your superhero. While everyone suggests gift ideas and fun activities to do on dad’s special day, we are suggesting few things you should NOT do on Father’s Day.

1. Don’t leave dad alone

This might be the worst thing you do on dad’s special day –Leaving Him Alone! While we know that dads are a bit different than moms as they like enjoying some quiet and peaceful time alone, we strictly advise NOT to leave him alone on his special day. You may not take him out for a fancy party but simple gestures such as cooking for him and spending some quality time with him can make him feel really special.

2. Don’t burden him with responsibilities

Yes, he does need a break from responsibilities! At least for a day! He would really appreciate no deadlines, no hassles, no chores, no having to fix anything and no rushing about on his special day. Just allow him to relax. Take over his tasks and let him be carefree. Trust us, he wouldn’t wish for more.

3. Don’t praise the greatness of mom

Mom is often the most celebrated one while dad remains the silent and unsung one. So, on Father’s Day, let him know how special he is and what he means to you. Focus on him. Don’t err of telling him how great mom is and how much you love her. He already knows that, believe us he does!

4. Don’t allow him to pick up the tab for dinner

Have you planned a family dinner at his favorite place on Father’s Day? Just make sure he doesn’t end up paying for the treat! For a change, pick up the tab! He deserves it.

5. Don’t forget to pamper him

A thoughtful gift and a little bit of pampering can mean so much than just wishing him on Father’s Day. So pick up the phone! Send flowers or make a beautiful card or buy him the stuff he loves. Either ways, it will touch his heart for sure!

Remember! Your father gave you the greatest gift anyone could give any person, he believed in you!


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