6 Stages Of Love – The Ultimate Gifting Guide By Flora2000

Everybody seeks love, anybody who denies seeking love is probably in denial, busy, unlucky or maybe just too lazy to take the efforts. Love is precious and is built gradually upon several stages. To make every stage bloom and progress to the other, we feel that it’s essential to give each other the right flowers. We at Flora2000 have prepared the perfect gifting guide for those in every stage of love. You can find these flowers online on www.flora2000.com and through online flower delivery you have your surprises shipped to your desired destination.


It All Begins With Attraction

mixed tulipAt this stage it’s important for you to make sure, you make the first move. Light a fire in her by surprising her with an anonymous gift. Make sure it looks special enough for her to be bowled over by it, but not overtly taken aback by it. A charming mixed bouquet of tulips, roses and carnations in a bright shade of pink would be just perfect.


mixed color roses
Be her secret admirer. Women love that. Send her another anonymous bouquet that gets her intrigued for good. By doing this you’ll make her feel wanted and special. Send her an exclusive rose bouquet that is a combination of yellow, red, orange and pink roses.


passionSend her another bouquet, this time mention your name and attach a love letter to it, (nobody does that nowadays), so that will make it doubly special. Compliment her, but don’t butter her. Tell her what you love about her and she’ll be passionately yours. A bouquet of bright red tulips would make the perfect gift during this stage. You can buy it here.


Remember that she isn’t all yours as yet. It’s only the beginning of your relationship and also the time you need to be extra careful to make your roots strong. For a woman to love someone, trust is an important factor. Build that trust, step by step. If she’s having a gloomy day, send her a sunny bouquet that will give her the assurance that you will always be there for her. Or send her a bouquet simply to make her feel special.


teddyThis is the trickiest stage in your relationship. This is the part where she is going to give into you fully, but isn’t sure yet. She loves you, but is afraid of admitting it. She is in fact so attached to you, that she is unsure of how life would be without you. But it is at this part that you need to make sure, you don’t turn her into a clingy partner. Ask her to take joy in her space, tell her that you’ll be with her, no matter what. It’s only when you give her space, she’ll realise that she is truly attached to you(in a good way of course). Pamper her with surprise gift. A rose arrangement and a teddy bear should do the trick.

Now that both of you have let go of your insecurities, you know that you’re truly, deeply, madly in love. Seal your love with a romantic, all red rose bouquet. Express your love with gratitude to her. She’ll be yours forever.

We hope you liked our tips. If you think you can add to our post, please feel free to comment in the box below. Keep it simple and don’t forget to fall in love.


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