The More The Merrier! Our Valentine’s Serenade Collection

Serenade Your Sweetheart in more ways than one; with classic flower arrangements. Woo your Valentine through our 7, 5, 3 and 2 day Serenades. Flora2000 will sent perfect set of Flowers for you; which will truly stand testimony to your affections.

2-DAY Serenade – Double Your Love this Valentine’s

Love is the harmony of two souls singing together. As Valentine’s Day approaches, shower your beloved with twice as much love by sending across enchanting bouquets and heartwarming gifts on not one, but two consecutive days. See her happiness double up as she receive these extravagant surprises at her doorstep two days in a row.


3-DAY Serenade – Third Time Lucky

They say third time’s a charm. This Valentine’s Day, charm your beloved by surprising them with elegant gifts and enchanting floral arrangements three days in row and let them feel pampered, appreciated and adored. Make this Valentine’s Day three times more momentous for them with heart-stirring ensembles.


5-DAY Serenade – 5 Ways To Say “I Love You”

Take your sweetheart by surprise this Valentine’s Day by serenading them in style. Send across enchanting floral arrangements and warmly crafted gifts over a period of five consecutive days. It’s the perfect way to charm your beloved and show them your appreciation with great ardor and love.


7-DAY Serenade – In Seventh Heaven

Most of the beautiful things in life come by in twos and threes, dozens and bunches. There are plenty of roses, stars, sunsets and rainbows but only one significant other. This Valentine’s Day, send heartwarming ensembles from our specially put together collection seven days in a row. Surprise your special someone by dispatching one throughout the Valentine’s week and let them know how truly special they are.


From time immemorial, serenade has been working wonders for those in love, giving them the right accoutrements to express their passion through enticing blooms.

Exclusive Designs By Flora2000 – Award Winning Valentine’s Serenade Delivered Worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering a carefully orchestrated array of fine floral arrangements in contemporary florist traditions, with delivery available to the Global Delivery of your choice!

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