Chinese customs – Send the right flowers to your favorite U.S. Olympic Medalists

After the first four days of Olympic competition, team U.S.A has already won 29 Olympic medals, including Micheal Phelp’s five gold medals on the way to a possible 8! This means that many American families and fans may want to send their Olympic heroes some congratulatory gifts.

In China, its common to send flowers to express congratulations. But if you want to celebrate Michael Phelp’s Olympic achievement, what sort of flowers are appropriate for the occasion based of Chinese customs.

While China produces some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, the biggest trend there right now is to send flowers that are harvested in Europe. Below are few other Chinese customs to consider when sending flowers to your favorite U.S. Olympians.

  1. Fresh flowers or fruit are commonly used gifting items in China.
  2. Red is the color of good luck, while pink and yellow represent happiness. Yellow and white chrysanthemums are used only for funerals.
  3. Always present gifts with two hands.
  4. Never write any congratulatory cards or notes with red ink.
  5. The number 8 is lucky. Never send 4 of anything as it is seen as an unlucky number.

Different flowers have different meanings in China. To celebrate the spirit of the games and to congratulate Olympic victors, we recommend “White and Pink Oriental Lilies and Roses”.

About Allan Fliss

I am Allan Fliss, a partner in the marketing communications firm of Richartz Fliss Clark & Pope (RFC&P). Recently, we have been asked to represent Flora2000 within the US. Since taking on the assingment, I have forgotten everything I thought I knew about flowers and been reeducated!
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  2. How i wish i go to china to see or to buy the most beautiful flowers in the world or im Olympian player and win the gold to give me elegant flowers (its a wish). i love flowers and im happy to see those beautiful flowers.

  3. vandana says:

    so nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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